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5 Ways To Make A Stunning Hamptons Style Patio

The Hamptons is all about open space, beach vibes and relaxed outdoor living. This popular style of beachside home design resonates with Australian homeowners and architects because of how well this way of life is married with Aussie culture. 

With our beautiful coastal cities and famous beach life, it’s no wonder why the breezy, open, Hamptons style works so well. 

Here are 5 great tips to help bring your Hamptons holiday to your own backyard.


Keep It Clean & Light

Hampton houses are identifiable for their light tone colour choices, opting for light earth tones, pale greys or white tones. In essence, this home decoration style is beachy but sophisticated. Most of your features and furnishings should be neutral, so the greenery and surrounding nature adds colour to your home. Let the features of your home take centre stage – add aesthetic contrast with warm natural wood furnishings and the occasional splash of colour like a throw pillow, or conversation piece. 

Natural light is also crucial to achieving the right Hampton style. It’s important to make your area open to optimise natural light and airflow through your area. 


An Open Outdoors Space Is A Must!

Hampton living blends indoor and outdoor living spaces almost seamlessly. An open, breezy space will truly capture the essence of Hampton living. Similar to Balinese inspired areas, Hampton designs seek to bridge indoor and outdoor living. Adding a patio is the perfect way to make your yard feel like an extension of your home. 

Cool, white tones should make up the most of your space. It’s tough to beat a white paving deck when it comes to creating a relaxed, pristine, outdoor aesthetic. Pure white can sometimes be too bright when it reflects the sun, and is hard to maintain, so an off-white or light grey pavings can provide the perfect balance. 

While open-air outdoor lounge spaces are a popular Hamptons landscaping design, in the Australian climate, cover is a must to endure the searing heat we can get in the hotter seasons. A patio or pergola will give you the perfect amount of shade, without compromising the space you have available in your yard.



The Right Furniture

Hamptons style furniture is commonly beachy and comfortable looking. Plush, oversized, outdoor sofas or seating cushions made of soft fabrics (like linens) are the perfect accessories for your space. Throw in some natural wood in the chair frames, or a table to add some warm brown tones to liven up the space. Light wood tones will pair nicely with the colder whites and greys, which will set the foundations of your area. 

Cushions are a perfect way to inject colour into your area. Deep blues are a staple Hamptons pairing. Strong lines and stripes can make for some striking features, while delicate patterns like floral designs, create a more comforting area. Play around with the colours and patterns – combining soft and strong patterns can make for an exciting contrast. 


Colour Is Critical 

We recommend sticking to blue tones if you want to add colour, as it’s a staple Hamptons beach aesthetic. But, some designs have used dusty reds or oranges to stand out. 

The colours you use in your Hamptons design need to feel natural. Colours that exist commonly in the world are a useful guide on what you should decorate your Hampton style area with. Envision the beach and pick tones that you’d find there. Deep blues, navy, soft whites, browns and greens are also part of the go-to colour-palette. 



Keep Your Garden Manicured

A Hamptons garden is symmetrical, organised and perfectly maintained. Your garden needs to look lush, without ever seeming overgrown, but you don’t need a sprawling acreage of manicured lawns like Jay Z and Beyonce to achieve a good looking Hamptons garden. 

No matter how much space you’re working with, you can design an organised garden area to add the final touch to your Hamptons inspired home. Your paved outdoor space should be complemented by thick, deep green foliage. 

Opt for plants which bloom with white or light pink coloured flowers, such as hydrangeas, orchids and gardenias. 

Shrubs, ferns, hedges, Buxus balls or other dense topiary plants are iconic additions to a garden, but they will need to be regularly maintained and trimmed. A thick-leaf turf will also cement the Hamptons style into your home. Buffalo lawn is a perfect variety which grows well in Australian climates. 

If spending hours tending to your lawn sounds tedious, there are several design alternatives, like a quartz or stone garden and stepping stones. Or, instead of a garden bed, you could experiment with potted plants. You may be able to add more structure to your garden this way, with pots of varying heights.


At SEQ Patios, we’ve helped hundreds of homeowners create the backyard of their dreams. Our expert team can create custom patios, pergolas and carports in a range of styles to suit whichever aesthetic you’re trying to achieve. If you’re looking to take your backyard design to the next level and enhance your space, contact us today