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6 Pergola Ideas To Add Style & Sophistication

It’s easy to want to spend every minute of the Queensland summer outdoors, but for a lot of families, creating an inviting and practical space to entertain or that keeps the kids busy can seem like another ‘one-day’ project to add to the list of DIY projects. Thankfully, there are some fantastic ways to spruce up the outdoor pergola to add style and sophistication while keeping it functional and easy to maintain all year round.

Atmospheric Lighting

Whether it’s indoors or outdoors, lighting plays a huge role in the atmosphere of a space. The right type of lighting has the ability to transform your patio or pergola into a unique oasis that can be used at any time of day or night. There are plenty of factors to consider though, and depending on your preferences, lifting the whole roof up and choosing a Flyover Design, can increase the daytime light that enters the space and the adjoining rooms. To set a more night appropriate ambience, downlights are the perfect option, but be sure to check with your electrician before purchasing. Fairy lights also offer a beautiful alternative to brighter, more concentrated lighting and are great for a late-afternoon BBQ.

Outdoor Fans

The perfect option to keeping your cool in the Queensland (almost year-round!) heat, outdoor fans provide a constant breeze regardless of the weather. Before installing, you’ll need to consider the location as different materials will be more suited to coastal conditions versus more suburban backyards. There are endless possibilities when it comes to the design of the fan though, so always bear in mind that there is probably an option out there to suit your existing outdoor decor and furniture.


We know this one might not be for everyone but curtains are a wonderful addition to a pergola to create a space that feels light and airy. Use different curtain material to match your needs whether it be thicker for more privacy, thinner to keep it light and prevent the mozzies coming in, or prints and colours for more vibrancy.

Vertical Green Walls

Plants are a no-brainer when it comes to decorating a space but make the most of all your surface area by creating a vertical green wall in your pergola. Not only do they increase privacy, but it can also be a calming and more interesting way to decorate more than just the garden beds. 

Garden Swing or Hammock

If there is anything that screams relaxation, it’s an outdoor hammock or garden swing and they are the perfect addition to a pergola that gets used regularly. They might even be a better alternative to the typical couch and chairs too, by being a more playful option that parents and kids can enjoy!

Playful Pergola

Consider a pergola to make an exposed area more kid-friendly and comfortable for the whole family. Extending your existing outdoor space or even starting from scratch, make your outdoor area more than an entertaining space but also a mini kids area!

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