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6 Questions To Ask Before You Hire A Builder

When you decide to build a home, complete a construction project, or upgrade your house, it’s crucial that you hire the right people. Sometimes, when you aren’t familiar with an industry or how a particular trade works, it can be challenging to grasp which company or contractor you should opt for. When hiring a builder, there are six questions you can ask or conversations that you can have, which will immediately give you an idea of how much confidence you should have in them.

Get To Know Them

We’re not talking about doing an extensive background check here, but you should research and see if you can find out a bit about your potential builders on their website. Call them up and have a chat with them or even meet them in person. Choosing a builder is a decision that can make or break your project, so you want to select people who are upfront and transparent. Not someone reluctant to have a conversation with you or disclose many details about themselves. Also, these are people who will be spending a lot of time around your home, so you want to make sure you find them trustworthy.

Are They Busy At The Moment?

The answer to this question can be an excellent indicator of whether or not you should go with the builder in question. A builder or construction company that says they have no work or very little work happening could be inadvertently telling you that they aren’t very skilled at what they do. However, if their response is “Yeah, we’re completely flat out at the minute,” or something similar, this can also be a bit of a red flag. 

A good and experienced builder will know how to manage their time and projects so that they can always ensure their customers’ needs are met, and deadlines are being fulfilled. 

How Much Experience Do They Have?

Experience is always a good indicator of whether or not you should hire a builder. If you’re dealing with someone who’s at the very beginning of their building career, no one will blame you for not wanting your home to be used as a bit of a practice run. Even better, if the builder has several years or even decades of experience, they’re likely to be skilled at what they do. How else would they have remained in the business for so long?

What Is Their Process? 

If you ask a builder about their process and the various steps involved in the project, and they have an answer for you, that’s already a big bonus. This is a sign of a tradesman who’s organised and plans ahead, which can sometimes be challenging to find. 

Are They Part Of An Association?

Builders who are members of an association have generally gone through additional training, qualifications and have become specialists in their specific field. This shows a commitment to continually developing their skills and producing the highest quality of workmanship.

Are They Happy To Work With Your Vision & Not Just Theirs?

When contacting a builder, make sure they’re making an effort to understand exactly what you’re asking them for and comprehend your vision. Too often, builders get carried away with what they think is the best or most straightforward way to complete a project, and by the time you realise you aren’t getting what you asked for, it’s too late. It’s your home, and you’re the one who has to enjoy the space – a good builder will understand that and do whatever they can to fulfil your expectations. 

At SEQ Patio Group, we are always happy to answer any of these questions, and any other questions you may have, honestly. We pride ourselves on always maintaining clear and open communication with all of our customers. If you’re interested in building your dream outdoor space, get in touch with us for a free quote and measurement today!