June 04 2020 0Comment

Designing A Patio Or Deck: It’s All In The Details

There’s no such thing as a ‘one size fits all’ patio. That’s why, at SEQ Patio Group, we offer a range of different designs. We know that every home is different in style and shape, we understand that every family has different needs and preferences. We always have a thorough initial consultation with our clients […]

May 04 2020 0Comment

What Are The Best Outdoor Heating Options For Your Patio?

As we head into the cooler nights of winter, some of you may be thinking that it’s getting a bit chilly for evenings spent out on your deck or patio. If you’re one of those people then we’re here to tell you that there’s absolutely no need to worry! While there’s nothing you can do […]

April 09 2020 0Comment

How Not To Go Stir Crazy At Home

Between your socially distanced walks around the neighbourhood, decluttering all of your cupboards and the hours of Netflix binging, we’re sure you’ve done everything you can think of to keep yourself and your family entertained during self-isolation so far! The team at SEQ Patios wanted to share their tips for keeping busy around the house […]

March 12 2020 0Comment

5 Furniture Ideas to Make the Most of Your Patio

No matter how big or small your patio is, what can really make or break the whole space is the furniture you decide to put in it. What’s so exciting about patios and outdoor spaces is you generally don’t have the same limitations you do with interior decor and furniture. You can incorporate fun and […]

March 05 2020 0Comment

Make your Backyard the Perfect Living Space all Year Round

As we enjoy the last few weeks of Summer and slowly head towards Autumn, you might be trying to squeeze in your last few beach trips and camping excursions. However, one way you can embrace the outdoors all year round is by making the most of your patio or deck. Outdoor spaces are so versatile […]

February 26 2020 0Comment

Deck Maintenance 101

When it comes to adding value to your property or creating a beautiful outdoor space, a deck is definitely the way to go. However, if you fail to maintain your deck properly, then it’s unlikely to hold its value and your friends and family are hardly going to enjoy relaxing outdoors on a dilapidated deck […]

January 16 2020 0Comment

A Patio: The Ideal Addition to Your Backyard Oasis

A patio in your backyard opens up your home life to a range of new options and can be used for a countless number of activities. At SEQ Patio Group, we strongly believe in creating outdoor spaces where memories are made so we’ve made a list of some of the best ways that you can […]

December 12 2019 0Comment

Aussie Christmas: Better than a White Christmas

When it comes to Christmas, we do things a bit differently in Australia compared to a lot of other places in the world. The whole ‘Winter Wonderland’ thing just doesn’t ring true when you’re lounging around in 30-degree heat, does it? While our chances of getting a white Christmas in Queensland are pretty much zero, […]

November 15 2019 0Comment

Planning an Outdoor Party? Read our Tips

At SEQ, we always say that the best part about having a patio is the memories that you make on them. An outdoor party with your friends and family while you enjoy a cold beer and the warm Aussie weather is always guaranteed to be a great time. Below are some of our top tips […]

October 16 2019 0Comment

Amaze your Guests with this Lick-Your-Fingers Pavlova Recipe

Summer is fast approaching and that means it’s well and truly patio season. We believe that patios are a place where summer memories are made, and what brings people together more than some sweet treats? Invite your friends over to enjoy this easy and insanely delicious pavlova recipe which is topped with juicy mango, making […]