Q. Do you provide, Free, No Obligation Quotes?

Yes. We will discuss your requirements over the phone with you and get an idea of your preferred designs, budget and your expectations for the Project. From there we will arrange a Site Visit to your home where we will measure up and design an outdoor Patio, Pergola or Carport. We’ll then take that away and send you a Formal, Fixed Price Quote.

Q. Do I need Council Approval for my Patio/Pergola/Carport?

The short answer is Yes. All structures over 10m2, and/or fixed to the house, need a Building Application. This process is approved by a Qualified Certifier, who applies all relevant Council Guidelines. We arrange and process all required Applications, as part of our Service. (Certifiers Fees Apply)

Q. How close can I build to my properties fence line or boundaries?

Generally, Patios that are attached to the house, require a setback of 1.5m, from side and rear boundaries, this also depends on the area you live in. Freestanding Units can generally go to 500mm from your Boundary. Each Council and Development has variations in their building conditions, you can contact your Local Council to find out exactly what these are. An additional Town Planning Application is required, if you wish to build any closer to the boundary. (Fees Apply)

Carports are classified differently to patios regarding side or rear fence line/boundary. In some cases, we can build to the Boundary, check with your Local Council for guidelines. For Carports at the front of the property, an additional Town Planning Application is required, if you wish to build within approximately6.0m of the front boundary. (Fees Apply)

Q. How long does that process take?

Processing times depend on the complexity of the job and are generally between 2 to 4 weeks. Standard Projects are normally approved and ready for us to build in approximately 2-3 weeks. If additional Town Planning Applications are required, that can take up to 8 weeks.

Q. Are there Council limitations on how much of my block I can cover with my new Patio/Pergola/Carport?

Yes. Each Council and Development has variations in their building conditions and you can contact your Local Council to find out exactly what these are. As a “general rule of thumb”, you can cover up to 50% of the block. Anadditional Town Planning Application is required if you wish to exceed that. (Fees Apply)

Q. What licenses do you have? Are your tradesmen fully qualified?

Yes. SEQ Patio Group Pty Ltd hold a “Builder Low-Rise” Building Licence- QBCC# 1508 5078

All of our Installers are fully qualified, licenced tradesman and have extensive experience in building Patios, Pergolas and Carports.

We are Fully Insured and covered by WorkCover, giving you extra peace of mind. If you would like to see any of our building licences or qualifications, please let us know, you can either look us up on the QBCC website, or contact us, we are happy to send you the copies of our Licences.

Q. How long will it take you to install my newPatio/Pergola/ Carport?

Depending on the size of your project, our average build times are between 1 and 3 days.

Q. Will you keep us informed about our jobs progress?

Yes. At each stage of the Project, we will inform you of progress, normally that is;

  1. Any additional information requested from Certifiers or Council, in the Application phase.
  2. On Approval of the Building Application.
  3. On Site Visit for our Final Check/Measure and Colours Confirmation, prior to ordering Materials.
  4. Scheduled Delivery Date of Materials.
  5. Scheduled Start date for Construction.
  6. Completion of Project and instructions for Final Inspection.

Q. How much deposit is required for you to start building my new Patio/Pergola/Carport?

We request a 10% deposit to secure your job and commence work on your Building Application. We also ask for you to pay the amount required for the Professional Fees associated with the Building Application.(Certifiers Fees Apply)

Q. Do you offer interest free finance options?

Yes. You must inform us prior to quoting, if you require the Finance Option to fund your Project. Please follow the Link on our Website to see if you are eligible for Finance.

Q. Do I need to be at home when you are building the new structure?

We prefer that you were at home on the first morning of the build, this is so we can confirm the “set out” of the structure eg; actual positioning of structure, heights, post positions, stormwater connection etc.

From then on, so long as we can access the property, you are not required to be at home. Our Installers will keep the site clean and tidy, each day of the Project.

Q. What type of maintenance does my Structure require?

Your SEQ Patio Group structure is built to last. To maintain its appearance and uphold its warranty, we recommend you keep your gutters free from debris and wash the underside of your patio roof, at least seasonally, to keep it in “as-new” condition.

Q. What Warranty do I get with my new Patio/Pergola/Carport?

The Stratco Products we use are made from Australian Colorbond steel, which makes them more durable than any other steel on the market. Stratco offer a 15 Structural Warranty on theirPatios, Pergolas and Carports, conditions apply.