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Get Your Patio Ready For Summer

The South East Queensland lifestyle is all about enjoying the outdoors and soaking up the sun. Heading into spring is the perfect time to get your patio ready for summer and make sure that you can get as much use and enjoyment out of your own piece of the great outdoors as possible. After all, a well designed and prepped patio is like having a mini staycation right on your doorstep. Below we’ve explained some of the bits and pieces of prep that you can be getting started on now.

Do A Bit Of Garden Prep

When spending lazy weekend afternoons relaxing on your patio, it’s nice to be able to look around and enjoy your surroundings. In preparation for summer, do a bit of weeding and prune your trees and shrubbery back. If your garden or patio is lacking in colour and greenery, head to your local nursery and buy a few flowers. We like potted succulents and geraniums for your patio since they look good and are pretty low maintenance, but have a chat with an attendant at your local gardening shop and see what they have to offer for your patio.

A Spring Clean

Whether you’ve been using your patio regularly throughout winter or if you’ve been staying mostly indoors, now is a good time to give your patio a deep clean. Since winter is our dry season, you might find that dust and dirt has built up during the last few months and no one wants to be out scrubbing their deck in 32° heat and 80% humidity, rushing to get the job done before your friends arrive for a BBQ. For a guide to patio maintenance and cleaning, click here. And, while you’re at it, we recommend giving your BBQ a good clean in preparation for all of the summertime cookouts.

Add A Bit Of Comfort

A patio is supposed to be a place where you can relax and spend time with your family and friends. Make the space look extra inviting with some finishing touches. Add some comfortable pillows to any seating areas and string up some fairy lights to create that extra special atmosphere in the evenings. We also love a hammock or a daybed on the patio since it gives you that place to kick back and really chill out in the sun with an ice-cold drink and a good book.

Invest In A Decent Fan

We all love the famous summers in the Sunshine State, but let’s face it, sometimes the heat can leave us a bit sticky. The shade that your deck or patio usually creates is an excellent solution to this, but for added comfort during the summer months, we love to get the fan out onto the patio to cool us down during those extra hot days. You can have a ceiling fan installed above your patio or simply invest in a decent portable fan. Some of them even give off a nice spray of cool mist.

At SEQ patios our patios are completely custom-built to help you and your family live the idyllic South East Queensland lifestyle. We believe that a patio is more than just a structure, it’s a way of life and a place to make memories. If you would like to get started on building your dream outdoor space and have it ready in time for summer, get in touch with us for a free quote today!