Some Amazing Patio Ideas for your cold Australian Winter

Its not often our beautiful sunshine part of Queensland gets cold, but in the winter – we see our fair share of rain and strong winds.  The nights get colder and more layers of clothes need to be warn.  Don’t let that stop you from enjoying your patio, why not have a patio you can enjoy and entertain all year round?  Here are some reasons why you now can your winter without having to stay indoors.
Consider blending your indoor and outdoor area by having a Fascia Fixed Patio, its a weather proof area that compliments your home all year round.  Fascia provides excellent quality that does not knot, crack or warp and adds value to your property for years to come.
You can practically have your outdoor area as a beautiful extension to indoor luxurious furniture.  You can let your imagination run wild, whether it is a pool table and furniture to entertain family and friends.  Or a BBQ area that you can dine with the family and enjoy the peace and quiet.
Let our experienced, professional tradesman from SEQ Patio Group assist in creating this dream a reality.
Enjoy your patio all year round, even in winter.


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