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What You Need To Consider When Building A Carport

When it comes to building a carport, there’s much more involved than setting up a few posts and chucking up a roof (we wish it were that easy!). For our team of experts to be able to design and build your dream carport, there are a few variables that need to be taken into account. Find out what those variables are below.


The term setbacks refer to council boundaries that may be in place at the sides or front of your property. We need to submit a Building Application and potentially get a Town Planning Approval from the council, before beginning construction of your carport. This approval can vary depending on where you live and what the council setbacks are for that area.

What Height Do You Need?

When planning for your carport, it’s important to consider the kind of vehicle that you have or are considering having in the future. For example, a caravan requires more height than a standard car, as does a boat a lot of the time. We always advise our customers to leave a comfortable gap between your vehicle and the roof of your carport to ensure that you don’t damage any of your expensive assets.

Post Placement

It’s essential to consider post-placement and make sure that you’ll have easy access to your carport and vehicle, but also to ensure that you aren’t blocking access to your house. One of the things we can do to create extra turning room is set the front post back a little and have a front “overhang” for the roof sheets. This adds extra “swing room” and is particularly relevant to parking and reversing caravans, boats, etc.

Underground Services

It’s vital that, before building a carport, you know what underground services you have at the front of your property or in the area where your carport will be built. When you have underground services like phone lines, power lines or water lines, it’s crucial that you build around or above them without interfering. Sometimes, the placement of your carport will have to be adjusted due to underground services like these. At SEQ Patios, we’re highly skilled when it comes to recognising the precautions that need to be taken to ensure no damage is done.


Lastly, you need to consider the various design elements. What size do you need? Will it be for one car or two? Will it be attached to the house or freestanding? Do you have a specific shape in mind? What materials do you want your carport to be made of? Do you have a colour preference? These are all questions our team of experts ask our customers to ensure we fully understand the vision they have in mind. Often, the main request of our customers is that they want their carport to match their home. At SEQ, we know how to create a custom carport that will seamlessly blend with your existing exterior.

If you would like to add a carport to your home that will protect and shelter some of your most valuable assets and increase the value of your home, get in touch with us at SEQ Patios today! Click here to see some of our recent carport projects.