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Because we believe that patios are where memories are made!

“The HIA awards night- the first and last time we’ll ever wear suits!”

About Us

Meet Andrew

After 30 years in the construction industry and growing up as the son of a builder, it’s safe to say Andrew has building in his blood. After working on a range of projects from new builds to architectural renos to commercial buildings, Andrew decided 5 years ago to focus on outdoor construction, namely patio roofs and decks. He’s also an Authorised and Trusted Stratco Builder.

Meet Brent

Brent has extensive supervisory and management experience as well as an impressive 25 years experience in the construction and heavy industry markets, supervising projects from light construction right through to major oil and gas installation projects. Around 5 years ago Brent decided to focus on the patio industry and joined forces with Andrew to form SEQ Patio Group. Brent is an Authorised and Trusted Stratco Dealer.

Our 8 Step Process delivers a 100% satisfaction guarantee:

1. We’ll pop in for a visit:

We like to begin any job by getting a feel for your space and the vision that you have in mind.

2. We get drawing and calculating:

After our visit, we’ll be busy creating a design and working on a quote for you. Don’t worry, you aren’t committed to anything at this stage.

3. Check-in:

We like to drop you an email at this stage, just in case you have any questions about the design or the quote.

4. Agreement:

If you decide to engage us for the construction of your patio, we’ll get the contract ready.

5. Paperwork Bits & Pieces:

We prepare the required applications, plans, documents and insurances.

6. Approval:

You will be notified that the paperwork and applications have been approved.

7. We get the materials in:

After confirming the final design, we order everything we’re going to need for the project.

8. Construction:

We get building!

Want some no-commitment help to work out what you need?

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