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Bring Bali To Your Backyard With These Simple Steps

Bali – the place where millions of Aussies travel to unwind and explore. The laid back lifestyle and gorgeous scenery are the reason why the Indonesian island has become a massively popular holiday destination. It can honestly be difficult to go home after even a few nights in the tropical mecca, but luckily for Aussies, it’s pretty easy to bring that lifestyle home. 

Bali is the second most popular travel destination for Australians, with 1.4 million Aussies having visited Indonesia in 2019. When you see the gorgeous tropical forests, royal blue waters and brilliant cultural architecture, it’s easy to understand why Balinese style design has skyrocketed in popularity.

The good news is because of a similar climate, especially for Queenslanders, it’s easy to create an authentic Indonesian style backyard. 

There’s no right or wrong way to make a Bali inspired backyard, but it’s important you inject your own personality into the space. The key points are prioritising privacy, shade and a cool outdoors environment. 

Here are some tips on how to bring Bali to your backyard:

Create A Lush, Green Jungle (Garden)

The most important step in establishing a Balinese aesthetic is getting the garden right. Indonesia is famous for its lush jungles and vibrant, natural colours. Native Balinese plants find it quite easy to grow in Australian soil, which means you can easily source the tropical foliage with a trip to the nearest nursery. 

Make the most of layering in your garden. Tall bamboo shoots, Balinese trees or palms are a perfect way to improve the privacy of your yard and provide shade. Put thick foliage and leafy plants in front of your tall trees to create a thick and vibrant garden. 


Craft The Ultimate Outdoor Living Space

The essence of an Indonesian lifestyle is incorporating outdoor living into your home. Because of the humid conditions, Bali architecture makes the most of open living spaces to bring in more breeze. 

A pergola or patio are two fantastic ways to promote outdoor living in your home. They are also an evergreen feature that will continue to add value to your house even if you decide to re-style your garden area in a few years. 

Opt For More Natural Furnishings

Bali gardens and outdoor living areas are mostly created using natural materials. Use stone and wood tones to establish a natural look. Lavastone tiles or a wooden deck is the perfect base for your area – but the right furnishings will create a tropical style no matter what you put them on. So hold on before tearing up your current deck. 


Plants are a must. Whether you decided to do the Indonesian garden or not, you should decorate your living area with greenery. Potted plants and small flower beds are great ways to inject that splash of nature onto a human-made structure. Bamboo screens or a trellis are also a great way to add texture to your yard and boost privacy while your plants are growing. There should not be a disconnect between your undercover area and the outdoors. Both should blend seamlessly together like it’s hand-plucked from a Bali resort. 

Lastly, make the most of furniture. If you want a modern take on the Bali style, some muted outdoor furniture will work well and create a crisp yet natural look when combined with plants. If you want a more authentic look, a wooden daybed and weaved seats will be the perfect addition to your space. Carved wood is a staple Balinese look; while it’s harder to find, it adds an incredible atmosphere. 

Fuse your furniture with as much colour as you want – sometimes the natural colours provided by the plants and flowers are enough, but feel free to add a colourful feature wall or a splash of colour via cushions and materials. 

Add Some Decorative Features 

If it’s in the budget, a few conversation pieces will go a long way in how effective your Balinese style patio looks. Statues and garden ornaments will really paint the picture of what style you’re going for. A water feature or fire pit would be the perfect icing on the cake to make your Bali backyard experience a reality.

At SEQ Patios, we believe that patios are where memories are made with family, friends, and loved ones! If you’re planning to build your dream Bali style outdoor space and would like to learn more about how we can help, get in touch with us today!